One Word: Life Saver

Needing help from time to time is part of life. As a bloke in my mid-fifties, I must admit I do find it hard to ask for help in most situations. I would never ask for help to open a jar of varnish, sand a table-top, or even change a tyre, but I recently found myself in a situation where I had no choice but to call for help. And I’m so glad I did!

It was Friday afternoon, I had two birds to kill with my one stone. My mission was to drop Jacqui off at the airport so she could fly to Mackay for the weekend to attend her niece’s baby shower. That was the first bird to kill. The second job was to deliver a custom-made whiskey cabinet I crafted for one of my old clients (a lingering obligation from pre-retirement times).

I had just kissed the Missus goodbye at the departure gate and was cruising along the M7 headed to Southbank, when my Ute started to splutter and lose power. I managed to limp it into a stopping bay, and with absolutely no idea what I might be looking for, I popped the hood. Of course, I couldn’t see anything wrong, and after trying to start the engine again and again, I resigned myself to calling for help. Tow truck Ipswich answered straight away and sent one of their trucks directly out to me. My experience was incredibly positive, and it made me realise just how invaluable a quality tow truck service can be.
My tow truck driver stayed in contact with me en route to where I was broken down. I received updates regularly to let me know when he was getting close. That gave me real peace of mind that help was on the way, and my stress levels plummeted.

I was surprised to find that my tow truck driver looked under the bonnet of my stationary ride to try and fix it first instead of hitching it up to be towed straight away. This is an awesome service that some tow truck drivers provide. If the problem is something simple, you could be on the road with the tightening of a bolt. If the problem is more complicated, the tow truck driver may be able to save you time by getting your car to a specialized repair place. And of course, he can give the mechanic a heads up on the way if he already knows what is wrong.

I was so impressed by the whole experience and even more when I received a highly detailed receipt that was essentially a paper trail of the entire process. Very handy for insurance, tax, or work claims.

When you’re in a pickle on the motorway, a good tow truck company can be the difference between an ordeal and a cinch. If you’re still wondering what was wrong with my old Ute… it was a fuel injector, but it’s been fixed and she’s running like a dream again.