Always Have A Clean Work Vehicle

A Tip For Business Owners – Always Have A Clean Work Vehicle

Have you ever been caught with your pants down? Not literally! I mean in a figurative way. Well, to get all of our heads out of the gutter, I’ll put it another way. Picture your car right now, what does it look like inside and out? Is the inside filled with receipts and half-drunk energy drinks? Are there remnants of an exploded meat pie down the side of the seat from that day you had to eat lunch in the car? Is the outside covered in bird droppings and dust? Now imagine that a high paying client asks for a lift and you must welcome that person into your filthy cesspool of a vehicle. That’s getting caught with your pants down! Years ago, I made this very mistake and from that day forward I’ve been taking my work Ute to a car detailing Ipswich service every fortnight without fail.

There are so many reasons to keep your work vehicle clean. Getting your car detailed is not a luxury, it really is a necessity, here’s why:

A clean car says a lot about you as a good business owner. It shows that you have attention to detail, a sense of pride in your work, and it adds to the branding of your business. Imagine yourself proudly driving around in a shiny work vehicle plastered with your logo. And of course, you never know when that special person may need a lift without notice. Get that sense of pride and get your car cleaned.

The finish of your work vehicle will not last forever, but you can make it last a heck of a lot longer with the proper care. A dusty car turns into a scratchy car with just one misplaced elbow or shopping bag in a carpark. Why would you want to drive around with dirt and dust particles on your car just waiting to scratch it up with the slightest touch? While we’re on the outside of your rig, let’s take a look at the bird, and heaven forbid, bat poo. The acidity in the droppings corrodes the paint and the wax coating of your car and this is going to cause long-term damage. Wash it all away and worry no more.

A clean car is actually good for your business OH&S policies. Grimy, smeary windscreens and cobwebbed mirrors make visibility almost non-existent, and this can lead to prangs, accidents, or full-on car crashes. The damage done to your vehicle or you, could be life changing, so just get your flamin’ car detailed and avoid the risk!

There are so many reasons to keep a clean work vehicle at all times, but the most surprising one is the mental clarity you can have as a result. Business owners have 50 different balls in the air at any one point. A clean, uncluttered work vehicle actually gives you the mental space you need to make decisions, feel confident, and work with efficiency. So, I hope you learn from my mistakes and never get caught with your pants down!