Getting The New Workshop Painted!

Carefully treating and staining a beautiful piece of Merbau heartwood is a satisfying job. Painting the interior of my new home workshop is not. When Jacqui and I built our first house back in the 80s, we thought we’d save a few bob and do all the painting ourselves. It was the worst experience of my life. From the flecks of paint in my eyes from rolling the ceiling, to the creaked neck I got from looking up all the time, to the constant bogging, sanding, painting, and then painstakingly washing all the equipment. Painting is not fun, and I would rather take a nail gun to the ‘old fella’ than undertake the job of painting the interior of a building again.
This new workshop is what my dreams are made of. It’s a big 9×5 metre ventilated shed with some pretty cool modifications. The walls have inbuilt recesses, cabinets, and shelving to house my tools and materials. There is even a slatted wall perfect for the odd ruler or nail to sit as a holding pace mid-job. You see, it’s not a simple paint job, and it would probably make the simple walls inside of a house seem like a dream to paint.

I knew I had to pick the painters for this job very carefully, a quick google wasn’t going to cut it this time. Here is how I decided to contract some commercial painters Brisbane contractors to paint the inside of my new woodwork workshop.

Residential painters are without a doubt, highly skilled tradesmen. They have the skill of painting a family home to make it look flash down to a fine art. Have you ever seen a domestic painter cut in a ceiling? It’s magnificent to say the least. My problem was that my workshop is very different from the inside of a house. It’s a big space with various surfaces and even some surfaces that require specialized hardy paint. This job was less about pretty, and more about function.

So, there are residential painters who have boatloads of experience painting houses, and commercial painters who do different business painting jobs every day. They are used to working on largescale projects with different kinds of surfaces. Commercial painters are used to working around the complexities of a business premise and essentially, my new workshop is as complex as any business could be.

(Here is a cool video on the process of commercial painting)

Commercial painters are equipped to paint around my modifications in the shed and can easily make all of my surfaces ready to use and tough to last. The job ended up being a dream. My commercial painters were able to give me a quote straight off the plan before my shed was even erected, and once the job was started, they were so speedy! The best part was I could enjoy my freshly painted workshop without paint in my eyebrows, a creak in my neck, or a graveyard of discarded brushes and rollers from failed cleaning attempts laying in the back garden. My commercial painters made me realise that painting a workshop can actually be enjoyable….as long as I’M NOT THE ONE DOING IT.