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One Word: Life Saver

Needing help from time to time is part of life. As a bloke in my mid-fifties, I must admit I do find it hard to ask for help in most situations. I would never ask for help to open a jar of varnish, sand a table-top, or even change a tyre, but I recently found […]

Time To Clean Out The Old Workshop!

Humans are weird. We hold on to things we’ll never need because we hate to see anything thrown out. We buy houses and build sheds just so we have somewhere to put all of our stuff, and then we live happily for the next 20 years in denial about the growing pile of useless junk […]

Why I Love Woodworking

From a backyard hobby to a lucrative career, back to a backyard hobby – Woodworking has been part of my life forever. If you punch ‘woodwork’ into google, you get thousands and thousands of results. Woodsmen and women around the world, some professionals, some hobbyists, are living their best lives creating furniture, art, décor, and […]

Welcome To … Words On Wood

My first attempt at woodworking was in the 70s in the backyard shed that my old man had turned into a kind of amateur workshop. I was 12 years old and up until then touching Dad’s tools had always been forbidden. Just when I thought I would always be a spectator in the carpentry world, […]